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Shikoku Discovery Ride 2012
Last fall, I experienced going around Shikoku Island in Japan by bicycle as a reporter like Ohenro pilgrimage by bicycle. Ms. Mio Yamada of Cog-Way Shikoku organized the event with support of Japanese Government Tourism Agency, prefectural governments, local private business etc. wishing speedy recovery of East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and to heap up Japanese tourism from decreasing number of overseas tourists visiting Japan.

This Shikoku bicycle event was such a first trial event resulting in a great success, hence the organizer decided to continue every year. This year event is decided to be held from September 30th through October 9th for 10 days. The bicyclists start from Zentsuji in Kagawa Prefecture to finish in Matsuyama City cycling total distance of 550 kilo. The planning committee arranged everything last year from accommodation places, meals, receptions, welcoming parties etc. so we can enjoy all hands free. Accommodation was combination of Japanese ryokan, hotel, hot spring and temple.

This year’s participation fee is 88,000 yen, student rate 65,000 yen including accommodation, all breakfasts, most lunches and dinners but not including airfares, ground transportation to and from the event within the country, bike rental, personal insurance etc. We can take our own bicycles or they can arrange a rental bike. For Japanese participants who couldn’t attend the whole course, they participated a part of it like weekends only last year. In case of bad weather, they arrange transportation by train and bus to take us to the next destination.

Those interested in going this year’s event, my company, Washington Coordinators, Inc. of Bellevue will provide with information of details for the convenience of participants and eventually may able to introduce a travel agent who can arrange travel plan in turn key. Participants will come around from all over the world to fulfill the purpose of the event to exchange international friendship and culture through bicycle. Shikoku has a rich history, culture, warm hospitality and beautiful nature and scenery. Those interested in, please contact with names, email address and phone number by June 16. 

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 Let us make going to Japan a memorable fun event.