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News Desk April 2012

Our daughter, Yoko, living in Montana came back for Katsuko's birthday and we had dinner at Momiji Japanese Restaurant on Capitol Hll which was designed by our friend, Mr. Matsubara. Spring air is finally here in Norhtwest with smiles of cherry, daffodil and tulip. 
  @ Momiji

Good food, cheerful atmosphere, excellent interior. 

    @Google home page lecture supported by WA State Dept. of Commerce - well prepared for warm welcome.

Japanese family with friends having dinner at a living room eating Japanese style. They all wear Kimono. Meals should be this way, peaceful and happy. (1950)
News Desk ​May 2012 

May 31

Japanese Culture lecture at Seattle University Casey Hall Room 400 with professors, students and members of Group including distant learning people through Skype who  are going to visit Japan for Pilgrim Zen Training in June organized by Kosho Itagaki Zenshi. After the class, we had one hour Zazen meditation session inside Saint Ignatius Chapel.

            Casey Hall, Seattle U. Room 400                                                  St.Ignatius Chapel, Seattle U.        

Kind words from Professor Jason Martin Wirth of Seattle University:

Dear Takahashi Sensei,

On behalf of the pilgrims, I want to thank you for your beautiful and artistic talk last night. It was a big inspiration for all of the pilgrims to seek out the part of Japan that is a world treasure. It will help us not only with our Zen training at Yoko-ji, but also with the Zen of everyday life. We are also very grateful for all of the hard work that you put into preparing your lecture.
And we are very excited about Shojin Ryori and Kaiseki Ryori. In these cuisines we can taste the meeting point of deep practice and high culture.

Thank you for sharing your mind and heart with us.


Tetsuzen with bows

 June, 2012

Open Doors For Multicultural Families 
dedicated to the needs of diverse families who have loved ones with developmental disabilities 
and special health care needs.
Fundraising Auction/Dinner was held at O'Asian Restaurant in Seattle on June 2, 2012 and we 
donated total value of $600.00 worth out of total $15,000.00 raised. My special thank you goes to:

Mr. & Mrs. Tomio Moriguchi
Mr. & Mrs. Masa Terada of Rikki Rikki Japanese Restaurant in Kirkland
Mr. & Mrs. Mitsuaki Hara of Kiku Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Bellevue
Mr. & Mrs. Takashi Asakawa of Shima Japanese Restaurant in Bainbridge Island
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Guite of American Preparedness in Burien for Survival Kit
Mr. Peter Fung , Board Member of Open Doors For Multicultural Families

for all your warm support and contribution. Without your friendship and generosity,
 I am nowhere now. 

July and August 2012

We are having a busy summer season with overseas guests from France, Japan and other countries. We showed around many local sightseeing spots and recreation areas to the guests. We also donated over $600 value in kind to Japan-America Society for their annual event.  

Home made French cuisine in Camano Island

August 19, 2012

One of Japan's top modern art swordsmith, Yoshindo Yoshihara, opened his US sword making studio in Kirkland, Washington and firing ceremony was held with cooperation of Tatsuhiko Konno, 7th Dan, certified Kendo master by inviting Consul General of Japan, Mr. & Mrs. Kiyokazu Ota. The event was organized by Hiroshi Onaka, master of  Shorinji Kenpo. The goal is to preserve Japanese traditional art sword making craftsmanship and be appreciated by local art loving people. We cooperated the event with volunteer catering service.  About 50 people participated. Mr. Yoshihara is an Intangible National Asset of Japan. 

                                                         From left, Mr. Onaka, Mr. Konno, Mr. Yoshihara and Consul General Mr. Ota

                                          Helene and Paul  Fondere family from France                     Tobi Seeger from Munich, Germany

September, 2012

                     September 11 Crossroads Park Moment of Silence with City of Bellevue, Microsoft, Hyatt Regency Bellevue

                              Mr. Hiroshi Takano, Photo-journalist from Japan visits Washington State to shoot water related photos                          

October, 2012

                                                                                 At TYbee Island, Savannah, Georgia                                  @Charleston, S.C.

November, 2012

                                                            At 53rd Overseas Japanese Nikkeijin Immigrant Convention at Iikura Koukan, Tokyo 
                                                            with Foreign Minister, Mr. Koichiro Genba

                                         With a member of House of Councilors, Ms. Seiko Hashimoto

                                                    At the party hosted by His Highness Hitachinomiya and Hanako sama

Washington State Kyotojin-Kai, Kyoto People's Club, Grand Opening Ceremony at Nagomi Tea House in Seattle

December 2012

Holiday season opens in Leavenwoth, Washington

                                                                          Bellevue Senior Center 2012 Christmas Luncheon Party

                                                                                          Montana Christmas

January/February 2013

           Kyotojinkai New Year's committee meeting                         Mr. Kaneko, hospital management consultant
                                                                                                          Visited Seattle   

                                  Bellevue Community Center Valentine Day appreciation of volunteer Luncheon 

March 2013

Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami 2nd Anniversary  Recovery  Event at Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion, volunteer work
for North  American Post Publisher and for American Preparedness Survival Kits promotion

                                                                               One Village One Product Campaign, promotion of Montana                                                                                          depopulated small village  revitalization program making 
                                                                               original natural beauty soap using Hot Spring clay, only one of 
                                                                               a kind in the world, called "Montana Yunohana Beauty Soap"
                                                                               with fragrance of Lime/Cedarwood, Rose, Jasmine & Rosemary-
                                                                               Eucalyptus, test marketing started, produced by Sam Takahashi

April, 2013

Discovery Molokai, Hawaii - Nature and Food

                                                                                                                            Rope balance teacher Alexander Berman

Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival 

volunteer work with Mr. Takano, photo-journalist from Osaka, appealing coexistence of Water, man, and universe

Performance at Keiro Home, Seattle                             At Seattle Center Pavilion                               At Bellevue Community Center

                                                                            At Seattle University St. Ignatius Chapel

May 2013

Washington State Export Promotion Food Business Marketing Trip  to Tokyo  and Osaka

                                                             With Ms. Marjorie Dewey of WA State tourism director, Japan

Japanese Culinary Academy 7th Annual Meeting in Kyoto, Japan
Japanese Government - Cultural Agency now requesting United Nations UNESCO to include Japanese cuisine in World Intangible Cultural Asset to promote authentic Japanese food to the world.

June 2013

Bellevue City Senior Center Father's Day Special Event with Chinese Chorus Group singing:

Visit to Furin Oka Japanese style Bed & Breakfast in Bainbridge Island:

Montana Road Trip visiting Hot Springs and Whitefish for Yuno Hana Soap Making:
Alameda's Retreat Hot Spring and One Village One Product Montana craft making.

July 2013

Japanese National Museum Nikkei Convention at Seattle Sheraton Hotel: participated with our booth to sell our private brand Yuno Hana Hot Springs soap, 20% of sales donated to North American Post Foundation. People came from all over the country including NY, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu. Lori Matsukawa, friend from KING TV, and Norman MIneta, former Secretary of Commerce and Transportation came to our booth. 

With Christopher Kong, son of Seattle Italian restaurant Perche No owner. Chris is now training at Michelin 3 star French restaurant, Guy Savoy in Singapore. 

August, 2013 through November, 2013

Busy month, one trip to Montana and Cranbrook, British Columbia, then, Kansai(Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto) Business & Tourism seminar inviting Mr. Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, Mr. Shigetaka Sato, Chairman of Osaka Chamber of Commerce, and, Mr. Tsuneoki Okuhara, President of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, held at Bell Harbor, then, Mr. Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture visited our Japanese community to promote Mie's products and exchange of people and its own culture. I am interested in exchange of High School Culinary Students between the two States and proposed to initiate and develop the program with collaboration of South Seattle Community College involved and my culinary network with Japanese and American restaurant owners. 
September through October, we took a road trip to Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona(4 corners), Nevada, California and Oregon 6,400 Kilo driving. Then, we had US-Japan Business Seminar @Bellevue City Hall, Montana soap sales at Nagomi Tea House in Seattle. 
In November, Kyoto Club had second annual general meeting at Nagomi Tea House, and, 2nd Bridge fundraising musical benefit concert at Renton Performing Center with main guest entertainer, Eddy Fukano, music arranger and country singer, by Sam's arrangement. 

With Father Michel Renou from Provence, France               With Joe Purdy

With President of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Okuhara      With Governor of Mie Prefecture, Mr. Suzuki

Full Yoshino cherry blossom this year again after I saw first time in 1971 @Leschi Park, Seattle
Washington State Governor's Trader of the Year Award Ceremony 2012, awarded to Brown & Haley, famous for Almond Roca for outstanding export business growth with much of it toward China market. My company, Washington Coordinators, Inc. which celebrated 25th anniversary last year was nominated by The City of Bellevue and selected in the top finalists. The judging Process and criteria included Matulity in International Trade Activities, Successful International Market Development, Contribution to the Community etc. The award was given by US Congressman, Jay Inslee.

North Bellevue Community Center celebrated 25th Anniversary. It was once called Senior Center. Now, community people enjoy various kind of activities including line dance, Yoga, Tai Chi. Lunch is served for 50 to 150 people. I work volunteer helping kitchen, washing dishes and serving tables. This is one of the things I decided wanted to do after I turned age 70 last year. Something back to the community and act locally. The day I work is mostly for Latino people and I make many friends. Our center has all kind of nationalites including American, Asian, European etc. I feel happy to be able to move my body in good health, and serve people so they have good time.
With Mayor of Bellevue Mr. Conrad Lee

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