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Here is news Second part starting Year 2014
114 years old Hiroshima Club New Year's Party-scholarship awards

With Eddy Fukano, professional musician, Junko Tanaka & Ryoko Takahashi, 
students volunteer to take part in Main Guest Entertainment with Sam's MC.

Sam doing MC and singing a song.

                                                                                                                          Special 1st birthday party gift soap

                                                                                                              Kyotojin Club New Year's Committee celebration

January/February, 2014 Trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Awajishima Island with Joe & Rita Purdy, of Purdy Ranch, Montana visiting Omi Beef Wagyu farm and Awaji Island to visit Takadaya Kahei Museum. 

March, 2014

Visit to Yakima Honganji Temple for Annual Fund Raising Sukiyaki Party called "Wapato Sukiyaki"

April 2014

Seattle Japan Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center
Volunteer for Kyoto Club and Guests food service in the kitchen

May 2014

Volunteer work for Japan-America Society of Washington State
Washoku Japanese food registered at UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage on Dec. 4th, 2013 Celebration Dinner and lectures. Sam did a key-note lecture on the registration process, why selected, characteristics of Japanese food and food trend etc. 

June & July 2014

Mr. Yoshihiro Suzuki of Japanese Association of the Experiment in International Living, Tokyo and Mr. Jason Nusser of Cultural Exchange Greenheart from Chicago visit Seattle - with Elaine Ko of North American Post 

Committee for children
helping children to grow
Dinner meeting at McCormick & Schmidt Water front
with Mr. & Mrs. Watanabe, Joan, Sally, Carolyn and Tia

August 2014

Washoku & Shojin Cuisine Japan Tour Orientation at Nagomi Tea House hosted by Sam Takahashi & JTB Seattle

October 2014 The 55th Convention of  Nikkei and Japanese Abroad - Theme Washoku - UNESCO Intangible World 
Cultural Heritage  with Mr. Masahiro Kurisu of  Tankuma Restaurant



1. Orientation of Japan Gourmet Tour  September, 2015 at Keiro Home for Nikkei Horizon 

2. Orientation of Montana Nikkei History Tour of June 2015 at Keiro Home for Nikkei Horizon

3. Japan America Society Kobe Beef tasting and lecture evening at Foundry, Seattle with more than 100 attendants. 

With John Howie, Tatsu Nishino and Shiro Kashiba helping Japanese side of food.

March 2015

Pike Place Market Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine special course lunch event by Mr. Hiro Tawara and Mr. Suzuki to celebrate Ohinasama or Girls Festival, Sam doing presentation.  

April 2015

                                                                                                                                        Japanese Cultural Center of Seattle fund raising
                                                                                                                                         event at Seattle University                             

May 2015

Visit Amazon Head Office with our nephew 
Yoshihiro and his son Hiroaki from Yokohama

              Visit to Joe and Rita Purdy Ranch in Montana with Dan and Naomi Watanabe

News and Reviews for Sam Takahashi
With John Howie of John Howie Steak Restaurant